Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Kapos

Wiesel makes note of the special cruelty inflicted upon him, his father, and others by some of the Kapos. Discuss those occasions here.


  1. The Kapos were cruel to the Wiesel's dad, because he wanted to know were the bathroom was and instead of telling him that he needed to wait he slap the poor guy.

  2. The Kapos were prisoners in Nazi concentration camp who were given food and privileges in return for supervising other prisoners doing forced labor.The Kapos’ position in my opinion symbolizes the way the Holocaust’s cruelty bred cruelty in its victims. It turned people against each other, as keeping yourself alive became the highest virtue.Here are some times when Elie, his father and others experience the Kapos wrath. When the inmates are at the Birkenau concentration camp Elie recalls how they were beaten at random by the Kapos. He says " I no longer felt the pain". Another instance where the Kapos inflicted cruelty was in Auschwitz when Elie’s father asks for the bathroom, he is beaten by the Kapo Elie is shocked at his own failure to defend his father. Those are only 2 of millions of instances of Kapo cruelty during the Holocaust.