Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chapter 1 (pages 3-22) Warnings

Elie's father had a friend who promised to warn them of danger. Did he? What happened? How is it ironic?


  1. Elie's father's friend was an inspector of the Hungarian police. He ensured their family as soon as their was any trouble he would warn them. However, the window that he tapped on was not one that the family could access.They tried hard to open the window but by the time the window opened the messenger had fleed. Just the next day the Hungarian police officer came to rally up all the Jews of the ghetto. Had they been able to take heed to the warning maybe they could have escaped. There were numerous warnings besides the one from the family friend.-Keamber

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  3. @KeAmber
    I agree fully, Elie's father had many friends everywhere because he was so well known in his community. The inspector friend of the Hungarian police was one of the many warnings he was given. His friend would have made it known that if anything were to happen he would be warned as soon as possible. The night before they planned to take away more people there was a knocking on the window, but of course no one could open it on time so the messenger left without delivering the message about what was to happen the very next day. The officer came to gather them all and take them away the next morning. They had many chances to receive warning but they were never able to heed them. The ironic reasoning behind this was, they had many chances to escape from the ghettos and they never listened so when they were going to be warned the advice failed.
    -Michael S.

  4. Elie's father's friend did promise to warn them if anything suspicious occurred. Being part of the Hungarian police allowed him to access important information that could be of advantage to Elie's community. The Hungarian inspector kept his promise but unfortunately Elie's family was unable to find out what was happening. The window that the inspector knocked on was a difficult opening to get to. By the time it was finally accessed the police officer was gone. The Jews in Elie's community were too late and were unable to escape. The ironic part about it is that there were many warnings that the Jews were in danger. the yellow star, the isolated ghettos, and the warnings from Moishe. The warning from the inspector would not have been the only chance the Jews got to escape safely.

    -Evelyn M.