Monday, February 14, 2011

Chapter 5 (pages 66-84): Bells

Why does Elie hate that bell?


  1. Elie hates the bells because... Well, surely, having to listen to constant bells night (no pun intended) and day gets pretty annoying, having them constantly blare into your ears. But more realistically, the bells are one of the most obvious signs of the true severity of the Jews' situation. When the bells ring, telling the Jews to jump, they have to be in the upper atmosphere before its said how high. When the bells ring, the Jews do jumping jacks - they do whatever they're ordered to do - like a bunch of animals. Often, Elie is separated from his father and the non-stop bells; separation from the only family he has left. Its as Elie himself puts it later, when interviewed by Oprah Winfrey. When coming to Auschwitz, the Jews lost everything - their possessions, their names... Their very humanity. To the Nazis, the Jews are just a herd of dumb animals... Less then that, it sickens me to type... They had transcended to only barely "existing"... Now they were just walking around, liable to die from something... Whether it be disease, starvation, or execution - to whatever, and whenever the bells toll

  2. Elie hates that bell because when the bell rings the Nazis make the Jews the exercises or do whatever they want. “At four o’clock in the afternoon of the same day, as usual the bell summoned all the heads of the blocks to go and report.” This quote shows that every day at 4:00pm, Jews had to come and do what the Nazis wanted them to do. Ellie hated how the bells told the Jews when and what time he could see his father, eat, sleep, work, or do anything. Elie dreamed of a world without bells telling that his time was up. As Chris was saying, having bells telling you what to do every day can become really annoying. Another quote is “The Bell. Already we must separate, go to bed. Everything was regulated by the bell. It gave me orders, and I automatically obeyed them. I hated it. Whenever I dreamed of a better world, I could only imagine a universe with no bells.” Elie also hated it because it told him what to do and when to do it. Elie’s life at that time was connected to the bell and he had to obey it in order to survive and not get killed by the Nazis.

  3. The bells in prison and in school signification the same thing, they are a couple of differences. Like for getting out of school there is not a bell to go out the concentration camp. However, for meals there is, they have different bells to say, “Lunch is Ready” that what i think. Another bells might be an alert bell, if there attacking the camp a different bell might sound, just like if there is a fire or an earthquake. Bells mean alert or getting out of class, so they might be used in anywhere.