Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chapter 5 (pages 66-84): Reason for Selection

Was Akiba Drumer chosen for selection because he lost his faither? Explain whwy or why not. Wiesel 76 or 73)


  1. Akiba Drumer was chosen for selection because he chose to die. Initially, he had persisted in becoming a cabalist, even using verses to predict deliverance in a few weeks. Obviously, matters did not get better, and Akiba loses his faith in God and "could no longer keep up the struggle" (72). He, who had once trusted in God's divine mercy, denied the existence of such a God after experiencing the terror and torture going on at the camps. He lost his will to live, which is why he volunteered to be executed. In a way, Akiba Drumer represents the Jews. At first, they had been optimistic, believing their torment would soon end, but after being at the camps, some Jews began to stagger in their faith. They began to question God's existence and His sovereignty. They began to blame Him for their troubles, and because some of these people lost their faith, they lost their purpose in living. Just like Akiba, some Jews could not live in a world without a God and instead, chose death.

  2. I believe that Akiba Drumer was chosen for selection because he lost faith. He kept repeating that he could no longer keep up the struggle, that he had no strength left, nor faith. Akiba was a firm believer of god at the beginning and said "god is testing us, he wants to see whether we are capable of overcoming our base instincts, of killing the Satan within ourselves. We have no right to despair and if he punishes us mercilessly, it is a sign that he loves us that much more …". But soon the horrors and conditions of the concentration camps got the best of him. He no longer believes in God, if he was real, then why wasn't he helping them. His will to live had gone and because of this he wasn't just chosen, he chose to die, having no reason to stay alive anyways.

  3. What Emma say played a mayor roll in him getting selected to die. Without hope he had lost all reason to keep trying to keep alive. He also lost his faith in god which led to all this. Also like emma said he chose to die.