Monday, February 14, 2011

Chapter 6 (pages 85-97): Gleiwitz

How long did the prisoners stay in Gleiwitz? What happened there?

What would have happened had they stayed in Auschwitz?


  1. Gleiwitz is another concentration camp a whiles away from Auschwitz where they were held from three days with out food or water. They were not allowed to exit the barrack that they were placed in or else would be shot by the SS guarding the outside. In the barrack that Elie was in he heard the last sounds that his friend ever played. His name was Juliek and he was a violinist that played his last concerto that he would ever play and played it with the dwindling reserves of energy that he had. In the morning he was found dead and his violin smashed to pieces. Next there was selection were Elie had to make a scene to get his father back, saving his father from the dark assassin we call death. Afterwards they "marched" their way to a train track and waited for the end to come. When I start to think about it, all this could had of been avoided if they would had of stayed in the infirmary. If they would have stayed they would already be liberated and freed from the crutches of they people they loathed so much. Saved from the Germans the clutched their throats and would not allow them to breath. Everything would be perfect and their lives would be saved forever, and Elie's faith would be revived forever.

  2. The prisoners stayed in Gleiwitz for three days. They were first thrown on the ground of the barracks, one prisoner on top of the other. There many of the Jews died being crushed by other prisoners. One of them being Juliek, the talented violinist from Poland. The three days in Gleiwitz were unbearable because of the lack of food and water. For three days they starved. The prisoners lost hope that they the Russians would soon reach them and rescue them from their agony. The SS officers held yet another selection where Elie and his father were almost separated. Being separated from his father, Elie would most likely have surrendered any hope or desire to live. If Elie and his father had only stayed in Auschwitz they could have been saved by the Russian. Elie's father probably would have lived and Elie would not have found freedom on his own.

    -Evelyn M.

  3. The prisoners were evacuated and were moving to Gleiwitz. Going to Gleiwitz was very long and everyone was exhausted. As soon as they got to Gleiwitz, the prisoners were thrown into a barrack. It was very hard to breath under the weight of other prisoners. As Elie fought for air, he heard a familiar voice which was Juliek, a boy that plays the violin. Juliek was afraid of his violin than his life. He played a fragment of a Beethoven concerto. It was the very last time Juliek played his violin, his dreams.
    The prisoners had stayed in Gleiwitz for three days without food or water, and they couldn’t go outside the barrack. The SS officers made another selection before moving all the prisoners in the train. Elie and his dad almost get separated, but there was confusion and Elie and his dad got to be together again. If Elie and his dad had stayed with the people in the infirmary, they would have been freed within few days and his dad would have been in a better health condition. They could have stayed together with no problems and worries.

  4. The Jew prisioners would stay in Gleiwitz 3 days and two nights without food or water. They couldn't go out of the barrack they would be staying in, or else they would probably be killed or shot by a Nazzi soldier. everyone at the end of Gleiwitz would be exhausted and dying of starvation.

    If they would of stayed there longer they would have all died of starvation and deprivement, over stress and depression, the SS officers would have also moved all the jew prisioners in the tains to working camps or most likely to the death camp.