Monday, February 14, 2011

Chapter 4 (pages 47-65): Buna

In what ways is Buna "a good camp"?


  1. Buna is a "good camp" because, compared to Auschwitz, Buna is considerably less dangerous. The warehouse that Elie Wiesel was put in wasn't dangerous at all, if you stayed out of the Kapo's way during his bouts of madness. There also were no gas chambers or incinerators, as far as I can tell, so that means that less people were killed there. Even when Buna sounds like a breeze compared to Auschwitz, you must remember that many people were killed here, too. Buna isn't a place where people come to be happy, but it sure is a lot better than other camps like Auschwitz.

  2. I agree with Carl completely. Buna was a God's send compared to the hell hole they called Auschwitz. In Buna the work was less demanding and many of the units the Jews were sent to were decent, except for building units which were thought to be the worst unit someone could be transferred to. You also have to remember that each separate leader of their unit does things their own unique way. Like the men who got their jollies from "loving children". So the truth is that Buna could be as bad or even worse than Auschwitz depending on who you leader was. It could had of been Elie's leader who beat him severely on several occasions. So really it was all the luck of the cards and it seemed that Elie had it.

  3. I agree with Carl and Peter completely. In Buna, it wasn't as bad as it was in Auschwitz where Nazis killed thousands of people every day. As Carl said, Buna is safer and is way better than Auschwitz. Elie was placed in a place where work was pretty easy. The only problem was the berserk Kapo who sometimes went mad. I think that Elie was really lucky to move to Buna rather than Auschwitz which is hell compared to Buna. I don’t think he would have survived if he had stayed in Auschwitz. Even though many people were killed in Buna by overworking and starvation, Auschwitz was worse. I'm not saying that Buna was a great place that one would enjoy going but its way better than the other one. As Peter said, it all really depended on luck.