Monday, February 14, 2011

Chapter 5 (pages 66-84): a void

Ellie says, "Deep inside me, I felt a great void opening" (69 or 72?)

What does he mean? Why do you think it is happening?


  1. Elie's entire life once revolved around his faith. A few nights in a concentration camp quickly changed that. The things that Elie witnessed made him question the god that he had once devoted his life to. Surely "God Master of the Universe" would never subject any human being to such torture. When he says "Deep inside me I felt a great vod opening" means, to me, that now that his faith is gone, he doesn't know who he is. He is empty. His faith once filled his life, and now that it has abandoned him he feels hollow. I suppose he feels angry as well as I would if I were in his position. To think; devoting my entire life to a god, a faith, that would only abandon me in turn. I believe he felt betrayed, as surely god would never allow human beings to burn one another, or laugh as they watched their own kind starve and wither.

  2. WOW! Olivia has taken the words straight out of my mouth. The void that he feels opening inside of him is the place that once held his most cherished possession. The void which is now as barren as the great deserts of Africa once held his faith. The most important aspect in his life. the only thing in which he lived for. The one and only God that he served. And now in the thickest of times, Elie feels that he has abandoned him and has left him to fend for himself. He no longer believes that God cares. He no longer prays for someone he does not believe is listening. Because if God, The Almighty, could not or would not stop these atrocities that were occurring inside the horrible places they called concentration camps; them who could? He felt that the void that expands in his heart is the position in which his faith would had of occupied. He no longer believes, and no longer cares.

  3. Elie was a very religious boy, but when he arrived at the concentration camps, everything changed. Throughout his whole life, every part of Elie was filled with God. At the concentration camps, when he saw all the cruel things that the Nazis were doing, Elie started doubting God. How could the “Master of the Universe” let anything like that happen? Little by little, Elie began to lose his faith in God. Elie had spent his whole life praising God, but now every little part him was being blown away by every single action of the Nazis. Now Elie had lost his hope. He felt empty. What Elie felt was more than emptiness, Elie felt a big hole in him being carved out, everyday bigger and bigger. Every part of Elie was not only destroyed, but also taken away from him.