Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chapter 1 (pages 3-22) -- Moishe the Beadle

What did Moishe try to tell the Jews of Sighet? How was his news received?


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  2. Moishe the Beadle tried to tell the people from Sighet that big trouble was going to come soon. The people did not want to believe or listen to Moishe's stories. Other people said that he was inventing these stories because he wanted their pity. Some said that he had gone mad.
    -Eun Biy-

  3. Moshe the Beadle (how it is spelled in the version I have) tried to warn the people of Sighet that the Gestapo had murdered all of the foreign Jews that were with him, and that trouble was coming. He claimed that he only escaped because he had sustained a leg injury and was presumed to be dead. The people of Sighet heard him, but dismissed it as nonsense. One of the townspeople even said that "He's just trying to make us pity him", and others claimed that he had gone mad. Moshe tried to plead to them that he was telling the truth, but nobody, not even Elie, who had been studying the Zohar with Moshe, did not believe him.

  4. Moshe the Beadle told the people of Sighet his stories. He told them the story of Malka, the girl who took three days to die, the story of Tobias the tailor, the man who begged to be killed before his sons, and also that trouble was near. He told them the story of how he escaped because he was taken as dead when he was wounded in the leg. Others did not believe him. They said he wanted their pity, he had a big imagination, and some even said he had gone mad. All he wanted was to have the Jews listen to him, but they took him for a madman. Even Elie did not believe him, though he tried his hardest to, he only felt pity for him.